Indias First

Enterprise Grade Intelligent Trading Bridge - Stoxxo

Execute your Trading Strategies Intelligently

Indias First

Enterprise Grade Intelligent Trading Bridge - Stoxxo

Execute your Trading Strategies Intelligently


What is a Bridge?

No More Manual Trading one with Inbuilt Intelligence

Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge  helps in faster trade execution through your brokers not just that but help you manage quantity and minimize risk efficiently


Acts like a Galaxy of Algos

Comes with Inbuilt Web Sever

Our Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge comes with Inbuilt Web Server which supports Functions As explained in the Doc. Click Here

Our Server Support HTTP GET and POST Both so you can chose as per your preference. HTTP POST is preferred where special characters are in parameters and you’re unable to encode those as per URL Encoding rules.

Advanced Symbol Mapping With Wild Card Character, First in Class by any Bridge to Offer That A wildcard characters is a special character that represents one or more other characters. A wildcard character is a special character that represents one or more other characters. A wildcard character is used to substitute one or more characters in a text.Wildcard characters are not Limited to Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge , these are used everywhere even in your Computer File Search. Example if you want to search all PDF in computer just mention *.pdf, where * means whatsoever character just search and pdf says that only PDF files. For more Detailed Explanation You May Refer Here.

Supports all types of Orders be It

Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge with Advanced Order Management

Gear Up Its Time to have a Bridge That Supports all types of Orders be It MIS , Bo Or Co.

Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge is designed to do all the heavy lifting for the strategy so that its users can concentrate on actual strategy coding.

It Acts like a Galaxy of Algos ensuring Every Trader gets what he expects from his bridge to do.

Acts like a Galaxy of Algos

Multiple ways for sending signals

Multiple ways for sending signals almost from every platform. Dedicated plugins are available for AmiBroker, Ninja Trader 8, MT 4 & 5, Excel, Trading view. Other platforms can communicate through HTTP GET and POST.

Safeguard Yourself On Days Extreme Volatility

Designed to Handle Orders in case of Market Volatility

Remember the Days Of extreme volatility when Your Broker surrenders or Pops a Message No BO or CO available today.

Safeguard Yourself on Those Days or Trade Regularly with our Intelligent MIS order Management.

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Set Target and Stop Loss with Normal MIS orders and API Bridge will do all the Heavy Lifting for its users. There are provisions for even settings Trailing Targets & SL even with Breakeven point. (These will be depends upon the broker’s feed) That’s why it’s Called Intelligent Trading Bridge “STOXXO”, Algo Traders Time to Elevate Your Standards.

Not Just Limited To Mobile Companies Providing

Remote Share Friends and Family Plan

Surprised! Not Just Limited To Mobile Companies Providing the Friends and Family Pack where you share Your Plans.

But with Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge you can share you’re Trading Signals with your desired Members. It’s Time to Let them Make Money Too, What Good is Family without benefit to each other.

Safeguard Yourself On Days Extreme Volatility

Multi Broker and Multi User Supported Asynchronous Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge

The Intelligence is seen here there and everywhere when it comes to Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge when we say Asynchronous it treats all users as separate commands and executes orders parallel and not in a synchronous fashion wherein users and orders are synced in que format commonly seen with most bridges available in the Market.

Advantage with Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge is that it’s user friendly and help manage multiple brokers and Multiple Accounts at the Same Time. With Order Execeution Latency Under 10 Ms.

Note: For multi users / multi broker trading functionality, you undertake that you are using your own personal accounts or accounts which you are legally authorized to manage. You take the whole responsibility to comply with any guidelines(s) or law applicable in the matter. 

 Under no circumstances we or broker(s) shall not be held accountable as the very use of software is solely as user discretion. Please Read the EULA agreement Carefully.

Not Just Limited To Mobile Companies Providing

First In Class Telegram Robot To Manage Your Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge

We understand the pain of working professionals or people running around the desk. It’s not necessary when you can see your screen in times of un desired stuck ups. So we designed a friendly telegram Bot for.

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Which allows you to start the bridge or strop the bridge, check user MTM, square off particular order or rather square off all positions with one click. Doesn’t sound the real, explore yourself @IABTRADEBOT on telegram and see the Magic happen with your intelligent trading bridge. Mobility can be painful at times but not to mind we got you covered. Manage your bridge even when you’re not in front of PC or you’re running it from VPS.

Encrypted And Secured

Maintains premier grade encryption for its users

When it Comes To security, Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge Doesn’t Fall back on that as well, and maintains premier grade encryption for its users.

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STOXXO Intelligent Trading Bridge is fully secured as all data resides in users computer in an encrypted format, as your signals are executed within your computer and never leaves your computer except you wish to share your signal through (remote host). Surprisingly even the signals sent through remote share are fully encrypted between you and remote client running the Intelligent Trading Bridge. We assure 100% Signal Security. Generated Logs are within your computer only under Installation folder of Stoxxo.

Not Just Limited To Mobile Companies Providing

Love Being Discreet, Explore The Secret Trader With Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge First in Class Feature

With our Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge its easy to keep your Stoploss and Targets in the bridges Memory without revealing it to the broker as they are kept in computer memory.

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This was the most demanded feature by professional traders as their margins were not affected due to this plus, they could safeguard their stop loss without ever revealing it. So camouflage your targets and sl the way you always desired and strike hard when the time comes. Be the Trader you always desired to be. With Increased Margins In today’s Times, it comes as a saviour.

Encrypted And Secured

Quick Informative Help With our Tool Tip

Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge  just doesn’t believe in integrating the intelligence but even understand that a user might need a quick walk through or a tool tip for that particular grid without going in deep with the documents.

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Take your Cursor to the Header of The Grid and A Small Pop up with Tool tip that Describes the Inputs and functionality of that particular field in a detailed way. Once Again Our Simple UI is there to back you up as ever second matters for a trader and we got your Back with IAB.

Not Just Limited To Mobile Companies Providing

Click and Forget API login System

Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge supports one click easy api login for a smooth user experience.

Our Teams have understood the pain of logging in everytime with credentials it wastes on an average 5 seconds for a user to login and be in the state of trading.

With our easy Daily login its barely less than a second, that’s the advantage when you work your way with Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge

Encrypted And Secured

Flexible Grids, choose the way you like it

All headers available withing the bridge are completely flexible to let you club and have Whats most needed right in front of you.

You can sort hide, place filters or even group the columns.

No Restrictions Implied, our structure is fixed but going flexible is the choice of the user.

Not Just Limited To Mobile Companies Providing

Logs are your Best Friend, When it comes to Algo Trading with Stoxxo- Intelligent Trading Bridge

The Golden rule or the Guide of your algo Trading are your Logs, which shows you errors or success and detailed action taking place through the bridge.

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Consider as your algo horoscope which shows you the right path whats happening in present, or rectifying your past mistakes to have a bright future of algo trading ahead. So that’s why details user logs are the most vital element to any Trading Bridge. And Stoxxo Team understands that very well.

One Clink

Simple And
Easy UI

Back Up
And Restore

Note: Above Prices Mentioned is for the Bridge Only. For Support and Installation We Have Videos and Documentation To Help you Install The System.

Customers seeking one to one to Guided Installation Support will be Charged Rs 1000 Per Hour With Minimum Cap Value of 2000

Free anydesk support is offered in case of Specific Queries to a Limited Extent Only on special case basis.

Support over email is free You Can Mail on our registered Ids for any specific query or support or issue reporting.

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